Modern Migraine 3.0

You're not sick; you have migraines. Stop being treated by a healthcare system that doesn't know the difference. modernmigraine is a specialist concierge program for adults and adolescents who suffer from migraine. With every unpleasant health experience you've ever encountered in mind, modernmigraine is designed to be the exact opposite. Imagine...the right diagnosis, the right treatment, a clinician that parters, not preaches; a gorgeous environment, and tech-savy convenience...all on your terms.

You're not sick; you have migraines. modernmigraine celebrates the difference.

Office Visits
(8 per year, any service)

HSA Applicable*

30% OFF targeted
vitamin/mineral supplements

direct provider messaging

priority booking

online self scheduling

medication delivery

follow up by phone

no prior-auth or document fees

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